April 16, 2024
  • April 16, 2024

About Us

Upfrontdigital.ng is a digital news portal saddled with the responsibility to disseminate technology-driven innovations and trending stories across the broad spectrum of the economy, both in Nigeria and across the globe.


Founded 2021, Upfront digital.ng promises the latest breaking news, exclusive stories, and local content initiatives by ICT entrepreneurs, hubs, organizations, financial services industry, mobile network operators, and technology-inclined public sector agencies.

This platform curates the latest technology solutions transforming and impacting lives in the digital age in Nigeria, Africa, and the globe. Upfront digital.ng promises to serve as a resource platform for academic research, a handbook for unveiling the latest scientific and technological innovations


It is overseen by international award-winning ICT and business-minded media practitioners with decades of experience in newspapers, magazines, and online journalism, who understands the challenges and the way forward for the development of the media industry.


Our Mission: To support a market-driven digital communications industry, promote enlightenment and become a reader-centric platform.