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November 2, 2023

NACOS honours Akano as digital economy champion

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THE National Association of Computing Students across all Nigeria Universities with over 300,000 members has conferred a national award of Champion of Nigeria Digital Economy on the MD/CEO of New Horizons, Tim Akano.

At a well-attended NACOS yearly conference that took place at Nile University, Abuja, the student leadership described Akano as one of the “major pillars in the ICT transformation in Nigeria, especially with regards to the Youth empowerment and Jobs creation.”

NACOS President, Chihurumnanya Nwanevu, appreciated the New Horizons CEO for his pioneering role in integrating ICT certification-based training into the university academic curriculum about 18 years ago. This decision has changed the technology map of Nigeria forever.

“The New Horizons initiative that empowers over 100,000 youths across Nigeria universities was described by NACOS President as “incredibly rewarding, and a game changer for the youths.”

Akano is equally commended for setting up One Africa Initiatives Academy, a Pan Africa NGO focusing on building the generation of African leaders that will rebuild Africa OAI Academy focuses on upgrading the skills of African Youths in four areas: Entrepreneurship, Technology, Leadership, and Good Citizenship.

One Africa Initiatives Academy consists of over 10,000 youths from 50 African countries. Members of the Academy have opportunities to attend free Masterclasses organized by OAI once a month online.

New Horizons Nigeria is a franchise of New Horizons International, the World’s largest ICT training organization with offices in 90 countries. New Horizons Nigeria trains over 100,000 students yearly from different universities, and schools and also trains more students in Technical courses in more locations than any training companies in Nigeria.

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