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March 8, 2023

Varsities collaborate, win bioenergy research grant

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THE Advanced Science Research Group (IASRG) of Summit University, Offa, in collaboration with Dr. Cynthia Kusin Okoro-Shekwaga, has won the International Academic Pump-priming Fund by the School of Civil Engineering University of Leeds, to explore opportunities in biomethane production for clean cooking using locally-available organic waste resources in Nigeria.

   Speaking at the virtual kick-off meeting on February 23rd, the Vice-Chancellor of Summit University, Offa, Prof. Abiodun Musa Aibinu, expressed his excitement at the prospect of the research grant and welcomed the partnership with appreciation to the University of Leeds for extending their arm of collaboration towards SUN, Offa through the School of Civil Engineering International Academic Pump-priming Fund.

   He assured the Principal Investigator, Dr. Okoro-Shekwaga, of Summit University’s resolve to seize the rare opportunity provided to surpass the expected outcome of the project. This, he believes, will not only elevate the leading England-based Institution’s confidence in Summit University but will also create a larger room for more exciting collaborations.

   Similarly, Dr Okoro-Shekwaga expressed her excitement at collaborating with Summit University, Offa. The excitement, she said, emanated from the consistent online presence of the Institution, which has been drawing attention from both local and international-based academics of educational and research institutions. She singled out the update she gets on Summit University from its LinkedIn page as one of the major factors that encouraged her to initiate the invitation.

    Dr. Okoro-Shekwaga, who is also currently leading a similar study for Uganda (East Africa) and Brazil (South America) through the Worldwide Universities Network Research Development Fund, expressed her optimism in making fruitful explorations in the areas of energy production from organic waste and envisaged more collaborative research activities with Summit University, Offa in the nearest future. Afterwards, she took the team through the steps required for the successful execution of the project.

   In her remarks, the Co-ordinator of Summit University’s Research and Innovation Unit (RIU), Mrs Mutiat Mohammed extended her gratitude to Dr Okoro-Shekwaga, stating that the grant will facilitate the development of research that borders on converting waste to wealth and providing alternative energy sources for cooking.


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