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May 3, 2023

StarTimes migrates subscribers to new digital platform

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StarTimes Decoder


PAY Tv service provider, StarTimes, has shut down transmission via Digital Video Broadcasting–Terrestrial 1 (DVB-1), replacing the technology with DVB-T2 it launched 11 years ago.

General Manager at StarTimes Nigeria, Eric Xiao, who announced the decision in Lagos, said with the wide acceptance of StarTimes in various homes and in line with its mission of delivering top-notch digital benefits to homes, the firm launched the latest digital terrestrial TV DVB-T2 technology in 2012.

Xiao said the major advantage of the DVB-T2 is its ability to offer more channels and picture quality as one frequency on DVB-T2 has the capacity for more channels than DVB-T1.

He said: “The DVB-T2 also has superior digital and audio-visual quality, making TV viewing more enjoyable for families. StarTimes has been using its DVB-T2 technology to support Nigeria’s digital migration switchover, in collaboration with the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, and the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA)

“StarTimes has the widest digital terrestrial television (DTT) coverage in Nigeria, reaching all 36 states and the FCT, due to its strategic partnership with NTA.

“However, some subscribers are still using the old DVB-T1 decoder, which is now outdated. The time has come to retire the DVB-T1 technology for good.”

According to Xiao, the switch-off starts in Lagos on May 1, meaning customers still using the old StarTimes decoder will stop receiving signals effective that date. When StarTimes launched in 2010, the T1 decoder was introduced as its initial decoder.

“Thus, we invite all our Lagos subscribers to migrate to our T2 decoder for free. This upgrade aims to provide our esteemed subscribers with a better viewing experience.

“As a subscriber, if you are still using the T1 decoder (the silver colour set-top box decoder), we understand that you may be experiencing poor signal, unclear images, and limited channel options. However, with the new T2 decoder, you can say goodbye to these issues and enjoy the best of digital television.

“We are offering all our T1 decoder subscribers the opportunity to upgrade to the T2 decoder for free. To take advantage of this offer, visit our business halls or selected dealers, come along with your T1 decoder and remote, recharge for one month on a classic bouquet, and swap instantly to the T2 decoder at no extra charge. We encourage you to act fast as the old StarTimes (silver colour) decoder will stop receiving signals from May,” the General Manager said, adding that it is important to note that you must present your T1 decoder to get the T2 decoder. However, if you forget to come with your T1 remote, you can purchase the T2 remote for just N500.

“We understand that many of our subscribers fall into the average income bracket, and that is why we have made this upgrade available for free. We believe that every subscriber should be able to enjoy the best digital TV experience regardless of their income. We remain committed to providing quality and affordable digital TV service to all our subscribers. Currently, StarTimes has close to 100 channels on its digital terrestrial TV service which are offered at the cheapest rate in the market,” he said.

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